Our mantra this year: All things new in 2022! Last year was a phenomenal year for weddings,
but 2022 is gearing up to be bigger and better!

As the postponed weddings carry over from 2020 and 2021, the venues are booking up
quickly. We have seen more weddings on Fridays and Sundays with couples not wanting to
wait another year to find an open Saturday. Others are already booking venues for 2023 to
lock in their favorite location. The barn wedding is still trending while hall rentals are becoming
more desirable for a more “all inclusive” option.

When you are ready to find your dream dress, be sure to schedule an appointment at the
bridal salon of your choosing. Although most businesses are back to normal with little to no
restrictions, it is best to call ahead to ask necessary questions such as “is there a limit on how
many guests?” or “is there a mask requirement?” Most boutiques require appointments as it is
easier to accommodate you and your “I Do Crew” that way. Bridal appointments are typically
1.5-2 hours in length. Wearing appropriate undergarments is recommended when trying on
dresses. Some shops will have limits on how many guests you can bring with you so you’ll
want to give some thought to who you want with you for this very important moment. At
Sandra D’s, we do not have limits on guests however, keep in mind, bigger is not always
better. It is possible to have too many opinions. Bring the people closest to you that will offer
the support and input that you deserve. Another way to include extra people is through the
magic of technology! FaceTime or Zoom make it easy to include those special people that are
unable to join you in person as you find your “Yes” dress!

We are adding new gowns to our racks weekly as our 2022 collections arrive! The new gown
designs are more beautiful than ever! Shimmery, sequined underskirts, plunging backs,
fabulous necklines and long, double trains are some of the features you will see in 2022.
Sleek, sophisticated designs are also in vogue. New to the scene are embellished, sheer
capes that mimic a cathedral veil—something to watch for.

Now more than ever, it is recommended to order sooner than later. We all have seen shipping
delays in our everyday lives. Bridal is no different. Designers are continually working to
replenish inventories and are also using other ways of shipping to deliver dresses in a timely
fashion. It is highly recommended to order your wedding dress at least 6-12 months (or more)
before your wedding. It is taking approximately an extra 1-2 months for delivery on
dresses—both gowns and bridesmaids—so don’t delay.

If you are getting married in six months or less, not to worry! You can purchase gowns off-the-
rack or we can check our designer’s inventories for wedding gowns they have in hanging
stock that can be shipped right away. If you are needing bridesmaid dresses on short notice,
there are select designers that offer a 3-4 week delivery on select styles. Keep in mind that if
the dresses will need alterations, you need to allow another 3-4 weeks to complete those.

Veil or no veil? There is no right or wrong answer to that question, it is personal preference.
For some brides, putting the right veil on with their gown is the moment it becomes “real!”
Mothers cry as they see their daughter as a bride. A beautifully embellished veil can make an
already gorgeous gown more beautiful.

For other brides, a veil just “isn’t me.” If that is the case, there are other options for hair
jewelry such as hair vines, jeweled combs, tiaras or flowers. The bride’s choice is guided by
the features on her gown as well as her desired hairstyle on wedding day.
Mother’s dresses are available in a variety of choices. From glamorous beaded gowns to
simple yet classic chiffon, there’s something for every style. For those that aren’t “dress
people” there are even pantsuit options.

It’s all about the fit. At Sandra D’s Bridal, we offer our in-house alterations service to those
that purchase dresses at our store. Not all bridal stores provide in-house alterations but rather
offer referrals to their preferred seamstresses. If you choose to buy your dresses online, be
aware that unless you have family or a friend that can provide alterations if needed, finding a
seamstress may prove difficult.

Menswear is another piece of your wedding day puzzle. Grooms are playing an active role in
the wedding planning process; especially when it comes to what the men will wear. The
synergy between the dresses and menswear makes for beautiful wedding pictures. When
considering colors, think about what you want your wedding photos to look like. For example,
gray or navy suits/tuxes compliment colors like blush, mint, slate or wine.

A common question is, “what is the difference between a suit or a tux?” A tuxedo will have
satin accents, typically on the lapel and it will have satin buttons on the coat. A suit will not
have any satin on it and the buttons will be plastic. The differences are subtle. I recommend
visiting a formalwear store to see the different options in person and pick what you like. Don’t
get stuck on whether it’s a suit or a tux. The formalwear experts can answer any questions
you may have as well as offer suggestions. We can even dress up our mannequins to create
the look you envision.

If the fit is important to you, then be sure to ask. There are slim fit options in both suits and
tuxes but don’t let the term “slim fit” scare you if you don’t feel you or your guys are “slim.”
The nice thing about rentals is that we measure for each piece so the size will be appropriate
for your body type, no matter if it is a slim fit or a modern or contemporary fit.
Getting engaged is an exciting time! Enjoy the journey of planning! The stylists at Sandra D’s
Bridal Boutique are waiting to help you create your Best Day—your wedding day!