1. What is the difference between a tuxedo and suit?
a. Tuxedo: Formal occasions, satin details, covered buttons, different types of
b. Suits: No satin details, no covered buttons, usually notched lapel.

2. Explain the rental process and timeline.
a. For picking out attire it is best if the bride and groom come 4-8 months before
the wedding.
b. After choosing the attire, you can have the groomsmen, ushers, dads, etc. get
measured as a group or they can come in separately. They can get measured
anytime but at least 6 weeks before the wedding.

3. What if the groomsmen are out of town?
a. If your groomsmen live 2 hours away or states away, they can get measured
wherever it is convenient for them. Then you can send in their measurements to
us! We’ll take care of the rest.

4. What is our price range?
a. A complete rental, which includes; coat, pants, shirt, vest, tie and shoes, ranges
from $130-$199. 

5. When is pick up and return?
a. Pick up of tuxes or suits would be 2 days before the wedding. It is best that
everyone comes in to try on their attire. This way we can make sure everything is
fitted correctly. If we do need to make adjustments, we can alter in house or get
a replacement the next day.
b. You can return your tux or suit by the following Monday. If you can’t return it,
you can send it with someone else.